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We are a privately held corporation in the USA and a Private Limited Company in the United Kingdom. Our principal offices are in the USA.

Our high performance products enable business and professionals to gain a competitive edge, increase productivity, and operate with greater security.

Who uses our Products?

Bosch Aerospace
Center for Disease Control
Cisco Systems
Cybernet Systems Corp.
Dan Zanger (Zanger Report)
Deutsche Bank
Dow Chemical
Eagle Market Makers
Felder & Company LLC
First Swedish Research AB
Futurepath Trading / LBRGroup
Goldman Sachs
Hedge-X Securities
I-Bankers Securities
IMDS Trading
Keller Group
Lynx Capital Partners
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch Commodities
Mirus Futures
National Securities Corp
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Office of Naval Intelligence
NBC (New York)
Nite Capital
Northrop Grumman Corp
Online Trading Academy
Oppenheimer & Co.
Professional Traders Management
Red Rock Fund
Scottsdale Capital Advisors
Stock Signal LLC
Thermo-Electric Research Center
Townsend Analytics
TradeMaven LLC
Traders International
Vought Aircraft Industries

Automated Trading Systems

• For use with ES, SSO, and SDS
• Trades several times per week
• We trade it live in our own account
• Historical Results Available

• For use with ES
• Trades about twice per month
• Historical Results Available
• Strategy Performance Report •

• Strategy Performance Report •

The Strategy Performance Reports represent results calculated with historical data not
actual trading. Future actual results are likely to be different than the historical results.
The FALCON GTO and FALCON GTX systems are available FREE with a
computer purchase of $2,500 or more from
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